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The company´s target is to satisfy their customers with new changes and adjusments in the area of fashion. Kitaro would like to develop themselves all the time. The name is programm: the japanese word Kitaro mean a nucleus which is growing and thriving. The lion in their company logo means strength and force. Of course, Kitaro wants to sell high-quality products to men in XXL. They want to offer good prices. Since 1997, Kitaro follows these simple concept and this is very successfull.

Leisure Fashion for best Prices

It is important to pay the attention while selection clothes not just on the quality of the products, it is also important to have a good price-performance ratio. T-Shirts, polos, shirts and sweatshirts, you can find everything by Kitaro - especially cheap prices.

Fashion and Success

The founder of Kitaro GmbH is Steffen Ziegler. After a short time, he take Marc Borowski and Kai Wilhelm with him. After receipt of different licences, Mr. Ziegler left the company. In 2007, Kitaro got the right of ARQEONAUTES. They opened four shops with this name in the biggest cities of Germany. In 2010, the director changed from Marc Borowski to Klaus Jochum. He leads the company with Kai Wilhelm.