COLAC Germany GmbH is a young company. They were founded in 2001. But they are perfectly established with their jeans in the world of fashion. Their first target was to create a registered brand for jeans. They could celebrate this in 2004. They used just three different cuts for women and for men. These cuts present the basics of COLAC Jeanswear.

Simple Concept – perfect Fit 

After the first developments of the first cuts, the range of jeans models expanded. The designers made perfect cuts for every body. Also XXL men can find the right jeans for their figures. COLAC offers trousers which are processed with high-quality materials. 

COLAC offers more

The company is focused to reach a high customer satisfaction. The costumers don´t have to wait a long time for their stock good. Within 48 hours, the products are deliverable because of the NOS (never out of stock). Seasonal collections guarantee also highest quality and perfect fits. They have also a great price-performance ratio.

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  • Trousers plus sizes
  • Jeans large sizes
  • Men´s fashion outsizes

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