JUPITER is specialized in sportswear jackets which are functional. They develop the design more and more to offer the best outdoor producs for customers. A sporty and modern man can find different varients of jackets for every occasion in the collection.

Collections with Elegance

Tow times a year, JUPITER offers two new collections of sportswear jackets. The spring-/summer and the automn-/winter collections are highly fashionable and have a great fitting and wearing comfort. The processing is very good and the jackets have many functionally details. JUPITER uses materials which are easy to care and elegant at the same time. 

A Company with a promising Future

You can find the company on the global market since 1958. The jackets have a high-quality standard. The know-know is highly professional in view of internal processes, delivery, quality, functionality and design. XXL men can find the perfect jackets by JUPITER. 


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