The company Gebr. Weis GmbH was found in 1934. The clothing have a high wearing comfort and consists of high-quality materials. Also they offer good prices.

The company is specialized in elegant and classic men´s fashion for leisure and business. Among traditionell country fashion, they offer suits, jackets, trousers, jackets and coats.

Exclusive Brands

Gebr. Weis GmbH produce their products under different famous brand names. They also deliver for many years specialist shops, key accounts and selected mail orders. They pay their attention while producing on the special wishes of the customer. They would like to reach the best produkt to guarantee a high standard.

Supporting the Trade

There are different quality requirements in Germany and Far East and many products were produce in these countries. Often you can´t do the clothes in a showroom, because you have to control them. This service offers Gebr. Weis GmbH with educated employees for a great price.

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