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For more than 10 years, we are dealing with the issue of oversize clothing for men. Now we would like to let you benefit from our experiences. Our online assortment consists of products which are fullfilling our criterias of auality and the value for Money.


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Famous names for menswear from XXL


In our shop you can find brands which are renowned. They are especially developing men´s fashion XXL. The products are high fashionable. Also the garments are basically gaered to the individual needs of chubby and fat people.


The company Panther GmbH is specialized in socks plus sizes. Matching socks for men´s fashion be made of Panther. One model of socks are very popular: sport socks. While doing sports, they lead moisture to the outside. You get a warm and dry feeling. Panther GmbH is manufacturing also socks with a high wearing comfort. The most important thin in oversized socks is the perfect fit. Also it is very important to hav high quality materials and a good processing. In our online shop you will find a nice selection of different socks in different colours. You can order them up to size 54.


The company Pionier creates jeans and pants with the perfect fit for fat men. Pionier guarantees highest quality and modern trends for their pants. A chubby and modern men can find at Big Basics jeans and pants in different designs for every occasions. You can wear a jeans which is stonewashed in your leisure. We recommend to wear a sport-elegant jeans for meeting friends in the evening. You can combine your Pants perfectly with oversized Shirts by Big Basics. Each men will find the perfect outfit for every occasion in our online shop.



The perfect combilation


In summer you can find on garments for fresh and fashionable combinations. Even shorts are very popular in summertime. They can be combined with shirts or polos. We offer overszied Bermuda Shorts in fresh colours. The manufacturers are using free cuts and lightweight materials. Also a fat men can wear colours, whether in winter or summer.


You can wear t-shirts and polos by on different occasions. They are ideal for wearing them in you leisure. You can order them in different, fresh colours. They are perfect for chubby and fashionable men. You can order them in plain, too.


Shirts from XXL are suitable for all occasions alike. You Need a shirt very often: in business look with a suit and a tie or with oversized shorts or jeans. You can combine your shirt perferctly with a suit. This outfit is perfect for visiting anniverseries or garden parties. The shirt has to match the occasion. You should put your attention on the width of the stripes. If you will visiting an elegant occasion, you should wear shirt with small stripes. One important Thing for getting a high wearing comfort are the materials. We recommend shirts which are consisting of cotton and silk. Both materials can transport moisture to the outside. 


A part of men´s Fashion from XXL is the perfect outfit for a business meating. Every single staff represents the company. Therefore you should chose your clothing especially. You can find on odern suits, which are perfectly for the season. The cut of suits for chubby men is Special: they are longer in the back. The jacket should not ride up your back while sitting. This guarantees a relaxed feeling during an important meeting.



Enjoy leisure time


A burly men will find at jackets and vests from size XXL. The quality and the materials are very important for These garments. The jackets should be breathable and water repellent. Zipppers for ventilation are also important. You get a higher wearing comfort if the jacket has velcro fasteners on their sleeves. Useful pockets inside and outside are perfect for stowing thins like keys or something like this. Removable hoods and lining are very practical: your jacket can be a garment for the Transition period, too. You can change it very easily with simple handles.


Overweight men are wearing during sports Sweatshirts. Their processing is vey softly and you get a high wearing comfort. Also they can lead moisture to the outside. You will find on your perfect oversized sweatshirt. We offer you a large selection of different sweatshirts with stripes, many different colours or with embroideries on the chest pocket.


Oversized menswear are not just offering fashionable highlights. You can buy also sportswear which is very comfortable to wear. The best pption while doing sports is wearing oversized jogging pants without cuffs. You can find the matching Shirt for your plus sizes jogging pants in our oversize online shop. We recommend a Shirt for XXL men with a v-neck if you have a double chin or a thick neck. This can avoid frictions.


We don´t Forget skiers at Oversized ski jackets and pants in XXL requested more and more often. Many men, which are obese have really fund in the colder months. For example they can go skiing with their families. Even a fat man would like to be warmly wrapped in the snow. The material is quite important for this Kind of clothings. It should be durable and water repellent. Your trousers won´t slipping with elastic suspenders and velcro fasteners at the side. We guarantee a large moving space.


Many people prefer the warm and sunny weather in the summertime. You outfit has to fit, wheter in summer or in winter. We offer you XXL swimwear for men in our shop. The priority while chosing swimwear depends on your individual taste and your feeling of beeing well.


Most important is the comfort


Ovesized menswear can Combine many things: you can find everything you Need in our oversized online shop. This includes oversized underwear for men, too. Big Basics offers you slips consisting of Cotton and oversized boxer shorts. Normal briefs and tight Pants are Fitting like a second Skin. You can avoid rolls and rolled seams. You will find also matching shirts in our shop. You should put your attention to the wide of the armholes. We would like to avoid frictions.


You should relax after a stressful and busy day. This includes a healthy sleep. We recommend wearing sleepwear which gives you a nice Feeling on your Skin. Big Basics offers Pyjamas for the summer and the winter time. You can find also nice and warm bathrobes in our oversized online shop.


Style by matching accessories


Many People think that men´s fashion plus sizes don´t has to be fancy. But this is completely wrong. Each chubby men con Show his individual taste by wearing matchin accessories. Big Basics offers beautiful belts XXL. You can buy also suspenders of high quality materials. They guarantee no slipping from your Pants. Every fat man can move freely and Show his charm. Bags for men are coming back. They are processed discreetly with Hand straps and belts. You can wear scarves in the colder months. This is highly fashionable and trendy. Matching gloves and hats are a "must have". Please think about a men´s hat: the men´s fashion world can´t imagine to live without them.


Trendiness doesn´t depend on body measurements


Usually many people think that men´s fashion plus sizes should just conceal the bodies of fat men. More and more chubby men wish clothes which are fashionable and trendy. Awareness of Fashion is not a matter of physical scope.. Oversized menswear offers strong and striking colours. But you can also buy garments which are solid-coloured. Big Basics offers you a large selection of different garments for chubby men.


Before ordering oversized menswear you should pay your attention on our measure charts. You should document your exactly sizes of your brest, waist and buttock circumference. Also your strid length is important. Often you can´t find the exactly dimensions  in the charts. You should assume guidlines. So you can chose the most appropiate model. It happens mistakes while measuring. But it is no problem. You can Exchange your clothes easily. So there is no risk for custumors.


You can buy also a voucher for menswear from XXL by So you can give them to familiy members or to friends and make their happy. This is a really nice present for every Occasion. You can order them at very easily. The vouchers are available in different Levels. Two days after ordering, the voucher will be in your post box.