Men Jackets Plus Sizes

A men´s jacket which is chic in size 7XL or even 14XL is not impossible. Wheter leather jackets, tracking jackets, transition jackets or brand jackets by Brigg or First B, they all have a special cut for XXL men and have a great wearing comfort. Sporty jackets consiting of high-quality materials from size 8XL to size 12 XL are weatherproof and suitable as a transition jacket or jogging jacket. You can find a big selection of men´s jackets by Big-Basics.com

The right Jacket in larger Sizes

Often it isn´t easy to find the perfect XXL jacket for the colder months. It is helpful to have a look of all modals online in our shop. You can find some jackets by Brigg or First B which are available up to size 12 XL. Or you can chose a jacket in 14 XL, so you have a great freedom of movement. In most cases, you wear a pullover under your leather jacket or under your transition jacket. The designs of First B and Briff are based on clothing habits of active and strong men. They offer a great selection - no matter if you wear 6XL or 12 XL.

Get an overview of our product range of men´s jacket in our Online-Shop. You can wear your leather jacket openly, this affects a very casually look but your jacket also has to be effortlessly close. With a Modell in 7XL or 14 XL by Briff or First B, this will suceed without pulling and tugging.

Outdoorjackets in XXL

The requirements on outdoor jackets are high because they should defy any weather conditions and should offer a storage of space. You can find a jacket in plus sizes 8XL, 12 XL or 14XL in our shop. The manufacturers are First B or Brigg. Wheater job, leisture or travelling: a comfortable outdoor jacket is timeless and a must have in every men´s wardrobe. Such men´s jacket from 6XL can be worn over a jacket.
An outdoor jacket has to made of waterproof and breathable materials. Elastics, pockets and Velcro fasteners are very important. You will feel very well while wearing the jackets by Brigg or First B. Moreover, the price-performance-ratio is fantastic. So you can be satisfie with your new jacket!

Requirements on Outdoor Jackets 

You wear the size 6XL up to 12XL or you need 14XL? This is no obstacle to find a transitional jacket in our Online-Shop. Our product range includes men´s jacket in 7XL or 8XL. The manufacturers are Brigg or First B. You don´t have to renounce of high-quality materials for jackets in larger sizes. So you will very well while wearing your new jacket!
You decide to buy a transitional jacket that warms on cool days. Your jacket should be weatherproof and stable. A men´s jacket is more than a cover. It is a statement about your appearance. Leather jackets or jeans jackets are suitable for many ages. You can combine them very well with different colours and fabrics.

Trendy Men Jacket in Plus Sizes

Wheter 6XL, 7XL or 8XL - you dress mordern, sporty an individual. A leather jacket or a transitional jacket is a perfect companion for every day. You can find a great selection of jackets up to 12 XL for men by First B and Brigg in our Online-Shop. 
Here you will find your perfect jacket. The manufacturers Brigg and Firs B are specialized in men´s clothing XXL and so you have a large selection of different jackets in plus sizes, too.