Jeans for chubby Men - large Sizes at Big-Basics

You can´t imagine a wardrobe where is no jeans inside. You can combine it 

    •    T-shirts
    •    Polo shirts or
    •    Coats or shirts

BigBasics offers large sizes for trousers up to 14 XL.

Today you can do sports if you wear jeans because of the materials. The leigthweight material and the cut are convenient to wear. Anyway the trouseres doesn´t loose his jeans optic so you can make a break in an restaurant or something like this.

Trendy and sporty Jeans plus Size

If you don´t like doing sports but like an convenient trousers, you can also chose a jeans in different colours at Each strength men will find the perfect one. Elastic materials creates a stretch effect. The pants will fit snugly and your body will be without pinchings. We can also advise you personally.

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