Polo Shirts/T-Shirts

Polo Shirts and T-Shirts plus Size

If you think about men´s fashion, you automatically think about oversized Polo Shirts from size XXL. Chubby and strength men like them very well because they come more and more into fashion. The target was to produce Shirts in a trendy and colored look. Wearing oversized shirts is high comfortable und you have maximum mobility. For a long time it was usual to produce clothes for chubby men  in dark colours. This changed basicly and Big Basics.de can prove it impressively.

Courage to Color

If you are overweigth, you don´t have to go out like a grey mouse. You can wear trendy Polo shirts in great colours with contrast inserts. They are a lot of great inserts for example on the shoulder or on the collar. So everyone can choose the rigth oversized polo shirt for himself. Everyone can wear a shirt like this and you can combine it with oversized trousers or shorts you already have.

The right Choice

There is a new thougth in oversized men´s fashion. You get the highest wearing comfort with leigthweight materials. The perfect workmanship and high quality materials are guaranteed fashion for strong men to big-basics.de for each product by the manufacturer of gifts. You can order Oversized T-shirts, polos and muscle shirts with or without side slits and with round neck or V-neck. Our manufacturers offer polo shirts in different materials. If you doing sports, you should choose a breathable material so the moisture of the body can immediatly go outside. Polos XXL are also available with colored and contrast applications. Side slits increase comfort for overweigth men. The XXL shirt is acting casual and trendy with his conceald plackets.