T-Shirts plus sizes for strong men

T-shirts are basicly a "must have". We can´t imagine a life without them. We have shirts with short sleeves and simple cuts. The material often consists of cotton. You have a high wearing comfort and a high movement. 

We can wear it for doing
   •    sports
   •    freetime activities or 
   •    under pullovers or shirts

We offer T-shirts up to size 14 XL.

Trendy T-Shirts - topsy and turvy

You can wear your basic shirt in different variants. For example under your pullover, as a top or you can combine it with trousers or shorts. The shirts have a high wearing comfort and are very convenient on your skin. 

Concealing your problem areas - large Sizes for your T-shirt

A T-shirt can conceal your problem areas. A cut which is a little bit longer on arms and on your back is perfectly. You have a save feeling while wearing. A shirt can be worn everyday and every night!

This keeps Big Basics for you:

   •    large selection of different garments for men
   •    plus sizes up to 14 XL
   •    attractive prices
   •    awared of  Trusted-Shop-Siegel

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