Swimming Trunks


Swimming Trunks plus Sizes

A chubby men also wants to make a good impression in his swimwear. Your perfect oversized swimwear determine the sunny day. You should always be dressed comfortably and relaxed even in your own garden. Oversized men also need oversized swimwear. While selecting the right trunks there are some criteria which are to be observed.

Swimming Trunks - discreetly or striking

The sun-seeking corpulent man finds always the rigth garment and the rigth trunks on bigbasics.de. Big Basics is always concerned on maximum comfort and casual fit. They support fat men on the road to optimal comfort. Everyone can find the suitable XXL swim shorts whether in marine, black or striking red.

Conveniencely come to the fore

The days are gone of oversized swimwear slip after leaving the water. Oversized trunks on bigbasics.de are tailored to the needs of chubby men. They have a good grip with their elastic waistbound and the extra cord. It is allowed to jump from the diving board!