You want to have a perfect outfit? Then you should wear a longsleeve. These shirts are allrounder. They look great over your shirt or single as a top. Oversized longsleeves are a chic and practical accessoire. If the winter is cold, you can wear a longsleeve like a singlet.

The cut is very important

You have a high wearing comfort if the cut is very simple and clear. Longsleeves in big sizes offer you much freedom in your movement. You can order them with a neckline or high-necked. The longsleeve consists of cotton and other high-quality textures. You can decide how to wear the longsleeve. Its possible to put it into your trousers or not. Men´s fashion plus size is very flexible.

Sporty Longsleeves at Big-Basics.com

Big-basics offers chubby men simple longsleeves or loongsleeves with different prints. You can find versions which are timeless and versions which are trendy in great colours. Wearing a longsleeve while doing sports is very comfortable. The fabric thinn and you can use it if a pullover is too warm for an evening.

Longsleeve or Sweatshirt?

The difference between a oversized longsleeve and a sweatshirt is the thickness of the fabric. The material wich is used for a longsleeve is thinner than the material wich is used for a sweatshirt. So you can compare a longsleeve and a t-shirt. Both garments are sporty and comfortable so it depends on your opinion what you prefer to wear. We offer you a large selection in large sizes with diffferent models.