Sweatshirts plus Size

You can use sweatshirts ideal for doing sports. Also the shirts can be worn on every occasions. The length of the shirt is cutted generous. So we can avoid sliping and you get a high wearing comfort.

Feel well in Wintertimes

An oversized sweatshirt has a high wearing comfort, especially in the wintertime. They are very trendy and gives you a warm feeling. Sweatshirts are processed with cotton. BigBasics offers you a large selection of sweatshirts in different colours and models. All of them are very soft and convenient. Strength men need longsleeves, shirts with hoods or oversized sweatshirts in their wardrobes. The design is timeless and every thick men feels activ and well. Sweatshirts in plus size are timeless modern. Elastic cuffs and a drawstring give you an ideal wearing comfort. Jackets which you can use for trainings consists of the material of sweatshirts. Everyone likes this garments. Chubby men look trendy and great. The jackets lining problem areas.