Shirts plus Size for Men

Oversized shirts for men are timeless and you can wear it for every occasion. You can combine it with different accessoires: ties, studs, cravats or loops. We offer shirts for chubby men in different colours and models. The shirts are very trendy. You can order shirts with short or with long sleeves.

There is no Reason to be ashamed if you have to wear large Sizes

We can see that there was a change in the 20th century from white shirts to shirts with stripes. You can see three different types:

   •    Candy-,
   •    Bengal-,
   •    Hairline-stripes

You can chose the style of your shirt individual. A shirt can be worn on every occasion. You can combine your shirt with matchin accessoires. If you are overweight, you can also look good! From time to time there  visible one change: the hight and length of the collar. BigBasics offers you every day trendy and modern shirts.

The Choice of the right Material

Shirts can be manufactured with differenet materials. Cotton is highly absorbend and has a very low potential of allergies. Cotton gives you a convenient feeling on your skin. If you want to look special, then we recommend to your shirts consisting of silk. You can get them in different shiny colours.

This keeps Big Bascis for you:

   •    large selection of different garments for men
   •    plus sizes up to 14 XL
   •    attractive prices
   •    awared of  Trusted-Shop-Siegel

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