Trousers and Jeans Plus Sizes

Do you want to wear trousers and jeans in plus sizes which don´t pinch an make a great body shape? Then our Online-Shop offers the solution for XXL men. We have a wide range of jeans and ants for men up to size 10 XL. Our clothes are specialized for strong men. From now. XXL men don´t have to renounce of trendy and comfortable jeans and trousers.

Comfortable Jeans for XXL Men

A jeans is a must have in everyones wardrobe. These trouseres are timeless and classic. Especially a jeans in outsizes has different cuts for every occasion: sporty, elegant or casual. Normally the oversized jeans has a straigth cut. Depending on the model, the leg of the trousers is getting tighter to the feet. This has an advantage for XXL men because there legs look stretched.

Many pants have pockets which are arranged in straight lines. They stretches the look of the men. Most of the trousers in size 10XL have an elastic proportion. These ensures the perfect fitting every time. There are no pinches or constricts. The stretch jeans in plus sizes up to size 10 XL have an much higher percentage of elastane. So you get a great freedom of movement. These trousers are perfect for all sesasonal times. A stretch jeans from our shop is characterized in his stability. Anybody who has a fluctuating weigth can be sure that a stretch jeans is still sitting always. 

Shorts are perfect for sunny days. In our Online-Shop are different styles of shorts available: trends like a classic capri jeans or a legendary chino. Every strong men will find the perfect Jeans for every season.

Pants in large Sizes for every Claim and Style

In addition to the classic denim jeans, in our shop are also more pants for every taste an occasion available. We offer a wide range of jeans for men in modern colours, styles and washes. The latest trend are jeans in a vintage-style. We had them already in our shop: blue washed or stonewashed. These are the most popular jeans and pants for leisure. Every men who is looking for a casual outfit in size 8XL will find a chino trousers. You can combine them with a jacket from our shop and your outfit for a working day is completely.

Jogging jeans are available up to size 10XL and sometimes up to size 12 XL. They have adjustable drawstrings and so they are very comfortable to wear. You have a great freedom of movement while wearing jogging stretch jeanes. Trousers for men with fleece are predominantly available up to size 8XL. They are perfect for a lazy evening on the couch.

One highligth are the Cargo Pants with removable legs. These are the perfect trousers for the spring and the late summer when the temperatures change quickly. Shorts are also available in different modals: elegant with a sporty character, fashionable military look or as a summer short with trendy colours and patterns. Strong men are perfect dressed in summertimes.

XXL Jeans by Brand Manufactureres


You get only good brands with an high-quality standard with reasonable prices in our Online-Shop. We put our attention on high-quality materials and processing. Sturby fabrics like cotton and ligthweight materials like polyester an breathable micromodal fabrics guarantees a perfect wearing comfort. Jeans in large sizes with double seams has a great durability.
There is one manufacturer with perfect materials and processing: Pierre Cardin. The label offers clothing up to size 8XL. The clothing of Cardin is characterized by concealing properties. He convice Jeans with wide legs as well as with fashionable attributes.