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Sleepwear and Pyjamas plus Size

If you want to have a convenient and recreative nigth, you should put your attention on the right sleepwear. It is possible that you have a poor sleep when you are wearing uncomfortable sleepwear. Oversized sleepwear guarantees a high wearing comfort and you can sleep recreativly.

Pyjamas - Comfort is essential

Oversize sleepwear should be cutted loose and airy. offers different variants of pyjamas. You can also wear your XXL sleepwear also in your leisure.

Stylish and chic

Your sleepwear should look nice, too. Even chubby men have to be interesting and beautiful when they go to bed. You can find the right sleepwear for you on BigBasics offers you sleepwear which is long for colder months or sleepwear wich you can wear in summertime.